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Business Group

  • Co-ordinate the business and set the agenda of the Boards
  • Co-ordinate and monitor the business of the committees
  • Provide guidance and direction to the LSAB/LSCB business of the Safeguarding Unit
  • Production of annual reports
  • Strategic sign-off for serious case reviews (SCRs)

Serious Case Review  (SCR) Consideration Panel 

  • Consider if cases meet the statutory threshold for undertaking a SCR
  • Commission SCRs
  • Recommend cases for multi-agency reviews or individual agency reviews where they do not meet threshold for SCRs

Workforce Development Committee – a joint committee with the Local Safeguarding Adults Board (LSAB) 

  • Monitor the effectiveness of single agency and multi-agency training provision
  • Plan and provide LSAB & LSCB courses through the Training Needs Analysis
  • Collate and report single agency and multi-agency training activity data
  • Use training evaluations to revise and improve multi-agency training courses and recommend improvements to single agency training
  • Development and implementation of a Learning & Development Strategy
  • Development of E-Learning packages and monitor their effectiveness, impact and reach
  • Inform and implement the learning and improvement framework

Communication & Engagement Committee –  a joint committee with the Local Safeguarding Adults Board (LSAB)

  • Multi-agency alignment of public safety messages, communication and engagement activities
  • Raise profile of Board’s activity on training and safety messages
  • Communication to practitioners and public of strategic and operational planning messages
  • Multi-agency practitioner awareness of lessons from reviews, training opportunities and practice change
  • Multi-agency co-ordination of messages from participation and engagement of service users
  • Direction on the maintenance and development of Board websites and use of social media and technology for dissemination of safety messages

Adult’s Quality Assurance Committee

  • Commission and analyse multi-agency safeguarding practice audits
  • Monitor action plans from the learning & improvement framework
  • Undertake multi-agency reviews
  • Collate findings from case reviews and audits to inform the learning & improvement framework

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Missing From Home (MFH) Committee

  • Provide strategic and operational direction to the work of Engage
  • Promote and support a coordinated multi-agency approach to tackling CSE and MFH, alongside agreed work processes of Prevention, Protection and Prosecution
  • Ensure CSE and MFH and the work of Engage is embedded into key strategies, business plans and operations
  • Promote partnership working, and to receive partner updates
  • Promote and review effective commissioning arrangements at Engage
  • Ensure financial arrangements are fit for purpose for Engage
  • Ensure effective performance of Engage
  • Lead on developing key policies and plans

Children’s Quality Assurance Committee

  • Provide the LSCB with information and improvement recommendations about the quality, effectiveness and impact of inter-agency working in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
  • Undertake and analyse Section 11 audits
  • Monitor action plans from the case reviews undertaken through the learning & improvement framework
  • Collate findings from case reviews and audits and multi-professional discussion forums (MPDFs) to inform the learning & improvement framework

Child Death Overview Panel

  • Undertake comprehensive and multidisciplinary reviews of child deaths so that the LSCB better understands how and why children in the area die and use the findings to prevent other deaths and improve the health and safety of our children
  • Identify from death reviews significant risk factors and trends in individual child deaths and in the overall patterns of deaths in the area
  • Ensure all unexpected deaths of children receive a co-ordinated response from all relevant agencies

Pan- Lancashire & Cumbria LSCB/LSAB Chairs and Business Managers Group (separate groups for each Board)

  • Strategic direction on cross border/sub-regional work on safeguarding issues
  • Sub-regional consultation on national safeguarding issues
  • Commission sub-regional protocols, policies and procedures
  • Share learning across the sub-region on Board leadership and governance issues

Pan – Lancashire & Cumbria Policy and Procedures Committee (separate Adults and Children’s Groups)

  • Develop and launch multi-agency policies and procedures on how different organisations will work together on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of vulnerable adults, children and young people
  • Revise multi-agency policies and procedures informed by audit findings, case review findings, communication/participation findings, national guidance, research and best practice
  • Develop policies and procedures across a wider footprint (sub-regional and regional) that ensures consistency for service users and service providers whilst retaining local determination of practice and management oversight

Click below to access the 2017 – 2018  Annual Report and the 2018 – 2019 Business Plan

LSCB Annual Review 2017-18 and Business Plan 2018-19

Click below to access the Board’s Strategic Framework for 2016-19

Strategic Framework 2016-19