Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)

The functions of the LSCB in relation to child deaths are set out in Regulation 6 of the Local Safeguarding Children Boards Regulations 2006.  The LSCB is responsible for collecting and analysing information about each death (with a view to identifying if a case requires a serous case review, any matters of concern in a case about the safety and welfare of children and any wider public health or safety concerns arising from a particular death or pattern of deaths) and putting into place procedures for ensuring a co-ordinated response by all agencies to an unexpected death.

Procedures to follow when responding to any child death including to unexpected deaths and notification to CDOP can be found at the link below:

The CDOP Panel has collated information relating to local bereavement services where families can be referred for support following the death of a child. Click on the below link to access this information –

Bereavement Services

From the reviews that the CDOP undertakes each year the panel summarise the findings and learning into an Annual Report.  The Annual Reports can be found by clicking the links below:

Pan-Lancashire CDOP Annual Report 15-16

Information and data from local CDOP’s is collated by the Department for Education (DFE) to produce a National Report on themes and trends identified across England on Child Deaths.  The national Reports can be found below:

National Child Death Reviews 2008-09

National Child Death Reviews 2009-10

National Child Death Reviews 2011-12